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first post from ohio

Moving slows down all sorts of things, even stops some – like creative process and writing practice. But only for a while.

This morning is filled with the words of Rosalind Krauss from her essay ‘Grids’ (October, Summer 1979) and the sounds of the wheels of my chair as I roll back and forth between tables to read and draw. It comes out, after a while, the way we each reckon with trying to understand things. I find I’m starring the text by simultaneously writing notes in the margins by hand and making digital marks. What would Roland Barthes (S/Z, 1970) say about drawing on a machine being part of the readerly/writerly phenomenon?

The paradox of the grid – suspended between materiality and spirit, science and transcendence – is worth revisiting, especially in terms of its centrifugal and centripetal implications in painting. Centrifugal (signaling the world outside) and centripetal (signaling the object itself) forces in representation need to be reconsidered given the increasingly common boundary (finite edge) of the computer screen.

A student of mine recently remarked that his difficulty in making continuous and energetic lines was in part the result of working primarily on a tablet, which required that he contain (constrain, restrain) his marks. The grid is now up against hardware edges. Who is going to make an infinity screen first?

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